Yes I have Taemin’s Danger mv on my ipod. Yes I have watched several times in the last two days.


Kim Soo Hyun looked sharp and flawless in his fall pictorial for casual brand ‘ZIOZIA’!

Kim Soo Hyun modeled clean-cut looks for fall in color-block jackets that will have the ladies doing a double take, not that he needs help in that department with his handsome visuals.

A rep from the brand stated, “For this fall season advertisement, we plan to show various styles of practical menswear items for the fall including casual and formal looks, fitting with the ‘unusual’ concept.”

I tried to watch the Mamacita mv but I couldn’t get passed them holding their heads and saying ayayay. I just kept thinking of Bumblebee Man from the Simpsons
Ay mi cabeza!

Job gets candy with Chinese characters printed on them to celebrate opening of the new Shanghai store.

All day I hear “hey Kasasha you can read this right? Hahaha” “You can read thr Japanese writing on the Shanghai candy right? Hehehe”

No you dumb fucks I can’t! Firstly it’s written in Chinese. Second of all Shanghai is not in Japan. And my third point is that I’m freaking learning Korean! Don’t talk to me for awhile.

I completely forgot that I started watching Hotel King. Too many new dramas started before I could get really into it. Ill try to squeeze it in somewhere. Joseon Gunman is ending next week and I can’t remember what’s taking it’s place. If it’s something lame I’ll add in Hotel King. Even though I’m currently watching six dramas. Three of them are Mon-Tues shows. I also kinda wanna keep up with Surplus Princess. But we’ll see.

Omo I seriously thought that fight btwn Tae Ha and Ha Jin was in one of their heads. Did you see how Ha Jin jumped up on the pool table?

Side note I’ve never seen a game of pool like the one they were playing. I had no idea how they kept score. I was so confused.

Side side note I had second lead syndrome before this show even aired because Hello Sung Joon. But Yeo Reum has insane chemistry with both guys. I know who she’s gonna pick but it won’t be an easy decision.