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The Dr Pepper One of A Kind Studio Sessions helped create the smooth track, “Xylaphone” which is what you get when you pair producer David Andrew Sitek with the beautiful rising R&B star Tinashe.

JH is gonna get his memory jogged in next episode, right? Right? I can’t take another hour of asshole Joon Hyeon.

And ugh Soo In, she just keeps blaming every one for her problems. If she should blame anyone(besides herself) it should be her crazy hit and run driving mother.

And awww poor lil Byeolie. I hope she really kicked those girls butts. You cant bust up her uke and bad mouth her Unnie.

I just wanna hug Chun Hee.


You had to do it show, didn’t you? You just had to give Joon Hyeon amnesia. WAE!?

So I think White Castle thinks Sriracha is Mexican. Why? Because they have these two sriracha chicken sandwiches. One with chipotle mayo and the other with jalapeno cheese and crispy jalapenos.

Answering the phone with a hearty 여보세요! And confusing my coworkers.

I’m a little scared of the next ep of Trot Lovers. I really hate amnesia plots. (I’m looking at you BOF)

I hope Joon Hyeon just got knocked unconscious and had to get a few stitches but he’s otherwise fine.