I was watching We Got Married on YouTube and the caption said that Hong Ki was gonna make Korean style spaghetti. I was like oh whats that like. They were eating freaking cup ramyun! That’s not spaghetti. That’s ramen! instant noodles. I was expecting some real noodles. Le sigh.

A few weeks ago I started writing a story about an American Black girl breaking into the Korean entertainment world.(cause my mind wanders at night and this is one the places it went). Then I found about Toy. Weird. She pretty much did what I want to do. Not the wanting to be a rapper or singer but the wanting to pack up and move to another country and just try my luck at a new life.

If I had the money that’s what I would do. I feel like there’s nothing here for me anymore. Like my real life is waiting for me some across thr ocean.

Dammit Hae Young! That’s not how you get her back. I knew he was lying about his dad.

Oh he’s the worst. But how freaking adorable are they together. Even when they’re bickering.

I’m glad Sang Hyo didn’t let them play tug of war with her. Ugh I hate when guys do that in dramas. One wrist grab is bad enough but the double wrist grab is the worst. I almost had Heirs flashbacks.

If I was her I would’ve let them fight. I wouldn’t have stayed to watch but if they wanna be childish and fight go ahead. I won’t be involved. At this point she should just stay away from both of them.

And I still have no clue who the murderer is and why. Maybe there’s more than one. Even though I don’t really think Young Mi was murdered. Yeah she got hit over the head but her slipping in the tub is what killed her.

If it turns out to be neither the GM, the security chief, Director Jo nor Simon I’m gonna be so surprised. Who else could it be?

There’s only a week left for The Night Watchman. I still feel like this show has no direction. I should’ve given up on it weeks ago. But Jung Il Woo…

Listening to SHINee, reading about a haunted wannabe IKEA and randomly writing down story snippets as they pop into my head. Also eating chocolate creme Oreos.

In case you were wondering.